Writing Prompt: Stories of Color

Story of ColorIf you like to surf the Internet and you like images, this will be fun writing exercise for you.

As you may have guessed already, this writing prompt is all about color. The “getting started” part is fairly easy. It’s the imagination part that can be as complex or as simple as you want.

What You’ll Need

  • Writing instrument (pen and paper, computer, or whatever suits your fancy)
  • Search engine
  • Your imagination

Getting Started

Go to your favorite search engine: Google, Bing, Yahoo…., Advance your search for just images.

In the search box, you’re only going to write a color, any color: your favorite color, the color of your shirt, the color your girlfriend or boyfriend is currently wearing, the color that best represents your favorite sports team, the color of your favorite vegetable or fruit, the color you interpret the sky to be at this time… Really, any color.

Let the Color Search Commence

Go ahead and look through your search results. You’re sure to come up with all types of images tagged with your color.

Now, choose an image, maybe the one that is the most interesting to you. With this image, you’re going to create some a color writing masterpiece.

Writing Your Story of Color

This is where your imagination really comes in. The only rule for this exercise is to base your writing (poem, story, essay) on the image you’ve selected from your Internet search and somehow incorporate the importance of the color.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to get started:

  • What does this image make me think of?
  • If an image with person, what are the details surrounding this person’s experience in the picture? Does this person like the color you’ve selected?
  • What smells, tastes, sounds, sights, feelings are associated with this image?
  • Who took this picture? Why?
  • What does this color represent in this image?

Think of other questions like these to get your imagination going. Then, just write.

Enjoy the writing fun!

7 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Stories of Color

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